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Stephanstraße 10, 40599 Düsseldorf

The drawing and the line in the figurative sense,

as a route, a cycle or as the dynamics of a melody,

forms the basis of my thinking with material, sound and body.
I see this line in the idea of a tightrope walk, which is important for me in the creative process, as it is a compelling path composed of fine balance and potentially extreme consequences.

On the path of this ambivalent intermediate world,

I seek the potential for the distortion of language and the resulting possibility of understanding with the senses.


Starting with the idea of an image, my work can unfold freely in space, on the wall or as an action. I see myself as a draughtsman and strive to blur the boundaries of this medium and those of sculpture and painting. As a consequence, my engagement with the image extends to my entire surroundings, so that I ultimately find myself as a figure in this fragmentary cosmos. Thus, in an installation or performance, the space becomes a pictorial inner world in which body, object and surroundings combine as a stage to form

a multi-sensory premonition and negotiate the unconscious and the present.

Photo by Elvo Axt
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