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These three works are part of a group exhibition that took place in museum Ulm, in 2021.

As the title of the exhibition „FUGE“ (gap) refers to the things in-between, the works evolved around the idea of intervening into the existing collection of the museum. 


An effort to blow it, 2021

Bleached feathers (goose), angler weights


Inspired by the molting birds, shedding off their feathers once a year, leaving parts of themselves behind, I placed groups of feathers into the standing collection of the museum, scattered on the floor, as if left behind or lost. 

The feathers are all individually dyed with bleach and therefor carry abstract symbols and words with them. In their combined state of a group, the feathers partly create images while laying together, acting as codes or cryptic information.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-12 um 11.08.41.png

Suit thing, cloth thing, head thing, 2021

Three screens, three videos played in loop, 60min

A collaboration with Maryna Makarenko.

Part of the collection contains a master board of the tailor's guild from the sixteenth century, 

Suit thing, cloth thing, head thing reflects this archival form of representation of a group in a reenactment staged in our present time as a tableau vivant.


Untitled (Walls), 2021

site specific and temporal installation 


The museum walls were cut open and became a sculptural work that suspended their usual function as art-bearing walls.

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