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Performative field studies // Ongoing performative research


Within the documentary performance video I try to formalize the theatrical in order to put a repetitive act to the test and at the same time pursue the idea of a timeless state in the form of a moving image. The first impulse here is that of an image composition and that of a line. A polymorphous line that grows out of the drawing into a moving and bodily image ultimately attempts to stage itself. The work is also inspired by the customs of hunting and the associated role of the animal. In Performative field studies, I put myself in the skin of a fictional animal. The circular movement of this creature, represented by the arrangement of the screens, borrows from the structures of certain forms of hunting, while also drawing into consideration the cycle of natural processes. I am particularly interested in the mixture of the sportive and mythical roles that an animal can play in our society. In my work, my body inevitably becomes part of my process. Thus, a possible performative activation is often closely linked to my pictorial objects. They often move on the border to the prop or equipment object, so that, in their apparent functionality, a performativity is automatically inherent. In Performative field studies, the blue suit becomes for me the sculptural gear and compositional pictorial element of a state of being.

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